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Abducktion: Base Game

Abducktion: Base Game

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ABDUCKTION: A weirdly strategic duck kidnapping game, 15-minutes of light strategy of ducks, a UFO, and mind-bending, shape-finding logic! WHAT'S INCLUDED: 80 adorable plastic ducks, 3D flexible UFO, 4 player boards, Action Cards deck, Formation Cards deck EASY TO PLAY: A game for grownups (and smart kids) that takes 15-20 minutes to play, two minutes to explain, but is still strategic enough to make winning still feel really, really good 2-4 PLAYERS: Equally competitive between two players or among a group of four, 15 to 20-minute playtime *PLEASE NOTE: PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING! Max order quantity is 18 units and sales are strictly limited to your brick and mortar stores or on your own brand's website. Reselling this product on 3rd party platforms like is strictly prohibited, and will result in being blacklisted as a seller. Games may be shipped from our Amazon inventory when necessary.

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