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Crazy Aaron's

Dumpster Dive - Crazy Aaron’s® Slime Charmers™

Dumpster Dive - Crazy Aaron’s® Slime Charmers™

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It’s time to jump right in with the new Crazy Aaron’s® Slime Charmers™ Dumpster Dive.  This classic green slime comes with charms that will make you want to dive for more.  Food scraps, creepy crawlers, crystals and more!  Mix, pick, pull, stretch, and create to turn your trash into treasure with Slime Charmers™ Dumpster Dive!

Squishy, stretchy, satisfying fun! Crazy Aaron’s® Slime Charmers™ include uniquely themed slimes with delightful scents and exceptional textures. Allow these DIY-inspired slimes to charm you! Each slime includes themed charms and textured mixers for you to add in. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing play of slime – swirl, pull, squeeze, and fold. Which Slime Charmers™ will you pick?

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