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Vehicles in Action - Figure It Out Puzzle - 3+

Vehicles in Action - Figure It Out Puzzle - 3+

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Vehicle puzzle for toddlers. Puzzle + figures. Great item for your toddler toy section. Cars, trucks, motorcycles. Progressive puzzles for preschoolers (with 9-, 12-, 15- and 35 pieces) thanks to which kids can improve their skills gradually. Trains perception and concentration, improves manual dexterity. Fosters curiosity and imagination. Huge play value – the 8 figures included are ideal for pretend play.

Product specifications 71 pieces/ 4 large puzzles. 8 cardboard figures. Box: 16,5×19×7cm/ 6.5×7.5×2.5”.

For ages: 3+

Product Materials: Recycled
Packaging: Recyclable
Production: Ethically sourced
Made in Poland
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