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My Take Along Farm

My Take Along Farm

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My Take Along Farm from PLAYMOBIL®-1.2.3 is perfect for children on the move. The horse wants to go out into the paddock. Here it has plenty of space to exercise and to catch some fresh air. The rider puts on her helmet and prepares for the ride. The cat watches her curiously as she gallops away, but then climbs up to the hayloft to sleep. All figures, animals and accessories are easily stowed away in the riding stable and carried away effortlessly in the suitcase. Explore the world of PLAYMOBIL® with PLAYMOBIL®-1.2.3. The play sets are ideal for children aged 18 months and over. With round shapes, bright colors and no small parts to swallow, the play sets are safe, of high quality and delight children and parents alike.

Figures: 1 female rider Animals: 1 horse, 1 cat Accessories: 1 portable riding school, 2 fences, 1 ladder, 1 green area, 1 flower bush, 1 grain sack, 1 bale of straw

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