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Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship

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The pirate adventure awaits! On the agile, floatable pirate ship of the Pirate Queen, the buccaneer aids in attacking enemy vessels or fending off new threats to the pirate world. Thanks to the rotating and pivoting cannons, attackers are swiftly driven away. Now, the path is clear to search for lost pirate treasures with map and compass ...

Set sail and embark on an adventure at sea together with sea monster hunter Manta-Hunter Myles and Pirate Queen Rohanna "Ro" Razor-Tide! Exciting pirate adventures await all pirate fans with the PLAYMOBIL Pirate Ship. This detailed set includes a pirate ship with movable sails, rotating cannons, two PLAYMOBIL figures, a parrot, an anchor, and plenty of other details and cool accessories. The ship is floatable and can be upgraded with an underwater motor (7350 - sold separately). Five foot clamps on the deck ensure a secure standing for the figures.


With imaginative characters, detailed equipment, and great features, the playsets from the PLAYMOBIL Pirates range offer hours of fun for children aged 4 and up.

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