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Three Horse Set: Morgan, Quarter Horse & Shagya Araber

Three Horse Set: Morgan, Quarter Horse & Shagya Araber

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 The large Waterfall Ranch has room for many more guest horses both in the barn and in the paddock! A Morgan, a Quarter Horse and a Shagya Arabian are just waiting to experience exciting riding adventures with the horse friends of Waterfall. The playset includes three horses with different riding accessories. Fun Fact: The Morgan is a palomino. The golden-colored horses are not recognized as a breed in most countries, only as a color type.

The center of the versatile, new horse world from PLAYMOBIL is the picturesque Waterfall Ranch, a charmingly furnished home with adjoining stable and paddock. Here, the five best friends Amelia, Isabella, Zoe, Ellie and Ben spend every free minute together with their horses. They take care of their four-legged darlings and experience entertaining stories and exciting adventures around riding training and horse care.


  • • Detailed playset with three PLAYMOBIL horses, a Morgan, a Quarter Horse and a Shagya Arabian, saddle blanket, curry comb set, saddle, bridle and many other accessories for horse care
  • • The playsets of the new PLAYMOBIL horse world are made from over 80% recycled and bio-based materials

Age 5+

Warning!Choking hazard! Contains a small ball and small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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